TFL Safety & Citizenship Workshop

Posted: 17th June 2016

Upper II learn how to stay safe when travelling around London

On Wednesday, 8th June 2016, Upper II had various members of TFL and Metropolitan Police in to talk to them about ‘How to keep themselves safe when travelling on London transport’. Mrs Farmer, Upper II Form Tutor, here tells about the exciting day.


“The very funny yet brilliantly informative Charlotte, Charlotte, Sarah and Jim led pupils through every aspect of safe travel, from planning their journeys well in advance and writing their route down on paper, rather than relying on a phone, which makes you an easy target. They also covered topics such as waiting safely for public transport and reporting a problem or seeking help when needed.

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“Pupils had immense fun performing freeze-frames, considering that which could go wrong and how to avoid it. ‘We loved being able to share our ideas and get solutions should anything go wrong,’ a pupil reported, ‘they told us that the best place to wait on platforms or pavements is my height plus one step back. That way accidents and injuries can be avoided.’  Another pupil mentioned, ‘We also learned about keeping our belongings close to us and within sight so that we won’t be targeted by pickpockets.’  Pupils were warned, ‘The tracks on the underground are always live with 6000 amps of electricity flowing through them, so if someone falls down, don’t try pulling them out.  Call for help on the phones which can be found on all platforms.’


“Upper II were brilliant as ever, and our guest speakers commended our girls on how well informed they already were on the subject.”

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