Lower V visits the British Museum

Posted: 17th June 2016

Ancient Greece discovered

Katie Flynn, Lower V, reports on the Lower V Classical Civilisation group’s visit to the British Museum on Friday 27th May.

‘This was a fun-filled afternoon where we saw many different types of Ancient Greek vases and pots (specifically Athenian pots, as we had studied them earlier this year).

When we first arrived, Mrs Griffths showed us the scenes which were depicted on some of the different pots. One of my favourite jugs was the “Black figured jug with Perseus, Hermes and the Gorgon”. I found this one interesting because it featured Perseus, one of my favourite Greek heroes, slaying one of the most evil creatures in Greek poems: the Gorgon. This pot was especially interesting because it was a black figure vase and many vases which have been preserved from Ancient Greece are red figure vases, which used techniques which give more detail to the scenes on jugs and vases as lines could be drawn using clay instead of using incisions.  However, the rest of the class and I agreed that black figured vases were still very interesting since the use of incisions created a more naturalistic detail than those on the red figure vases.


After looking at many more interesting vases, we moved on to my favourite part of the visit; seeing the Athenian Parthenon Frieze. I enjoyed seeing the frieze because, as we had studied the Athens Parthenon in the Michaelmas Term, it brought our studies to life, which allowed us to take our learning outside of the classroom. It was also really fascinating to be able to see the entire frieze, especially since it is so different to our culture today when most people wouldn’t typically find 160 metres of one long picture on the side of a building (unlike in Ancient Greece!), so I thought it was very impressive.


I enjoyed the Classics trip very much and Mrs Griffiths gave the Lower V Classical Civilisation class insights to the different objects we saw which made the trip even more fascinating. Thank you Mrs Griffiths! I had an amazing time.’

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