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Posted: 20th May 2016

Introducing the Nursery & Preps

Pupils find in St Augustine’s Priory something different from that which they come across elsewhere. A word we often use to describe our culture, our environment, is ‘unique’. It is a word used recklessly by some, describing what an organisation wishes to be rather than is and used unintelligently by others, missing entirely the meaning of the word through the use of adverbs!

So how does one demonstrate this quality without abandon or cliché? Through our actions. This is the premise of our ‘School in Action’ days, the most recent of which provided prospective parents with an opportunity to experience our Nursery and Preps on a typical school day, Tuesday 17th May 2016.

The focus of the morning was Early Years and began with a welcoming speech from Headteacher, Mrs Raffray. Once our guests were suitably greeted and refreshed Miss Keane, Head of Preps & Pre-Preps, presented information about the balance of academic rigour and nurturing pastoral care here at St Augustine’s Priory. Benefits particular to our younger pupils such as our Meadow, Forest School and chicken coop were showcased, before parents were taken on a tour of the school.

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The highlight of the day and that which informs the name of the event however, was the classroom visit that facilitated the parents viewing girls’ work, observing pupils’ interaction during lessons and speaking with teachers. Miss Keane commented, “We had such a wonderful morning and the Preps thoroughly enjoyed welcoming their visitors.”

The morning received excellent feedback with parents describing how useful and enjoyable the experience had been. We do have something special to show people. What is the most effective way in which we can demonstrate this? Actually, it is not through the school’s actions, but those of our pupils: the happy, calm atmosphere in our classrooms; the pupils’ swift and thorough academic progress and their uncommonly kind approach to each other. This is what is found in our school in action.

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