Form III and Lower IV (and Upper II) excel in Maths

Posted: 19th May 2016



Junior Maths Challenge 2016

Mrs Bennet, Faculty Head, Maths and Science, reports on the results received from the Junior Maths Challenge 2016:

‘Every year thousands of year 7 and 8 students across the country take part in this annual competition organised by the UK Mathematics Trust.  The top 40% of participants gain Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates in the ratio 1:2:3 with the opportunity to go on to further rounds for the exceptionally high scorers.

Our girls picked up a substantial haul of certificates, with 3 Gold, 10 Silver and 14 Bronze in total.  We also allow our strongest Upper II pupils to participate (even though the competition is targeted at senior school students) and two of those certificates were awarded to Upper II girls.  Amazingly, Maki in Upper II scored the highest Silver score in the school and only missed out on Gold by one point.

The winners were:

Gold: Rin Aota, Katie Fung and Noor Mahmood, (Lower IV);  a three-way tie for best in school;


Silver, Lower IV: Naomi Jeffries, Elizabeth Higham, Jasmine Cabraal, Mahi Kapadia, Jonelle Esprit and Athene Sproten;

Silver, Form III: Siya Sehgal, Sennen Powell and Romy Katkhuda;

Silver, Upper II: Maki Mizunoe;

Bronze, Lower IV: Sana Siddiqui, Mia Simpson, Madina Masoud, Andrea Barry, Simran Bagga and Milly Tobin;

Bronze, Form III: Isabella Richardson, Amina Radi, Tanita Jose, Olivia Barnard, Eliezer Elliott, Lucy Phillips and Marianne Flynn;

Bronze, Upper II: Sofia Krunic


Well done to everyone who took part and worked so hard.  Here is one of the questions for you to try at home!:

In a group of 48 children, the ratio of boys to girls is 3 : 5. How many boys must join the group to make the ratio of boys to girls 5 : 3?

A 48     B 40     C 32     D 24     E 8’

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