Upper II visit the River Chess

Posted: 13th May 2016

An Adventurous Day

Miss Keep, Geography Department, reports on Upper II’s recent day on the River Chess:

‘On Friday 6th May, Upper II travelled from school to the River Chess Field Studies Council centre, where they met two FSC teachers named Theresa and Emily.  Emily and Theresa gave us a talk about the rules of the river plus what to expect on our tour.  In the classroom we sang the ‘water cycle song”.


Upper II then returned to the bus and travelled to Chesham Moor, where they sat on the river bank to draw a field sketch, measure the width and depth of the river and finally the pupils had fun with a cork  – timing how quickly they could get it from one side of the river bank to the other.  All the results were recorded.


We then left Chesham Moor and travelled to Scotsbridge Mill, which lies further down the river than Chesham Moor which is close to the source of the River Chess.  After lunch the same experiments were repeated as had been completed earlier.  So, again Upper II drew a field sketch and measured the width and depth of the river.  During class next week we will be reviewing all the results – preparing us for our assessment!


The best part of the day was fishing in the River Chess, many different species were found and placed in large trays for us to observe (and only one or two of us got completely soaked!)

Upper II had a wonderful day, a huge thank you to Mrs Tippen and Mrs Farmer who accompanied us on the day.’



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