Humanities Student of the Year

Posted: 13th May 2016

Calling Upper II to Upper V


The Humanities Faculty has launched a competition to find the Humanities Student of the Year!  Girls from Upper II to Upper V are invited to produce a document which argues strongly for staying in or leaving the European Union.  Reference should be made to a variety of subjects within the field of Humanities and robust evidence to support the arguments made will be rewarded generously in the assessment of the final piece.  The format of the document can be chosen by the student BUT it must use an ICT application.  Marks will also be awarded to students for demonstrating a thorough understanding of relevant capabilities of the chosen package.


The competition links to a special enrichment programme on the implications of “Brexit” which students in Upper II to Lower IV have been following since the beginning of this term.  This programme has included the historical background to the UK’s membership of the EU, analysing the geographical implications with a focus on immigration, understanding the political backdrop and evaluating economic arguments with a focus on trade.  Students in other years can access all the relevant information including assessment information in the Humanities section of the VLE.

The deadline for submission of work is Monday 6th June 2016.


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