Sixth Form Leadership

Posted: 15th April 2016

The next chapter

Schools exist for young people. It follows then that the involvement of young people in the leadership of academic institutions is not only sensible, but necessary. By providing girls with greater ownership of their educational experience, we ensure they develop the skills to manage their own direction in life, which in a school such as this plays an important role in the empowerment of young women.

It was therefore with fervour that on Tuesday Mrs Raffray announced the successful candidates of our Sixth Form Leadership Team elections.


They are as follows:

Head girl: Erin Costello
Deputy Head Girl Seniors: Mackenzie Parry-Bull
Deputy Head Girl Juniors: Roisin Moore
Deputy Head Girl Preps: Amy-Elizabeth Roye
School Ambassador: Simran Bal
School Ambassador (STEM and professionals): Monica Hanna

House Captains

St Michael: Nicoletta Bencka
St George: Molly Trickey
St Gabriel: Rebecca Shoesmith
St Raphael: Abigail Buchanan


This group of intelligent, ambitious and conscientious young people have a tough act to follow, but with the modesty and decorum typical of our students, current Head Girl, Billie Morrison, opened proceedings with a few words:

“Good morning. I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to those who supported me and all the outgoing prefects over the past year. It has been a challenging, fun and educational experience but our team couldn’t have done anything without the support of the staff who all dealt with our constant questions and requests with patience and encouragement. I also want to say a huge thank you to the prefects themselves, the school ambassadors, house captains and deputies in particular. They have all brought their skills and passions to their roles making this a productive and event-filled year.”


“Now for a few words of advice to those taking up these roles: do not lose yourself to the demands of others. You are a prefect for the whole school, not just your year group. Listen more than you talk. And relish every minute of it because this year is going to fly; especially when you are trying to do A-Levels at the same time.”

“Being Head Girl this year has been a privilege and a pleasure and I wish the best of luck to those who have been elected.”

We offer our thanks to the current Sixth Form Leadership Team for all their hard work and achievements. Congratulations to those newly elected, we wish you the best of luck for the year ahead.


Contributor: TFarmer

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