Reintroducing the Walking Bus

Posted: 18th March 2016

Exercise for all.

Mr Chappory, Head of Geography, has made fitness his aim and, with that in mind, is reintroducing the Walking Bus.  He writes:


‘A recent school wide survey revealed that 73% of all journeys to and from school are by car. Although our location may not be as accessible as other schools, we must accept that we have an over dependence on car travel and as a school community we have to make more of an effort to travel more sustainably wherever possible. Further studies carried out by Form III in Geography lessons, using the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator, have shown that some students’ carbon footprint equate to over 200% of the average person’s carbon footprint. The Geography Department are leading the school in a range of sustainable transport initiatives in order to encourage more walking and cycling to school. These initiatives involve lots of fun activities and competitions during “walk to school week” in May, bikeability training days held at school and other events and ongoing projects that you will hear about in due course.


Our first initiative is the relaunch of the walking bus. The walking bus is simply two members of staff who escort a number of students (around 20) from a pick up point, at a specified time, to school in the mornings and from school at the end of the day to that specified point from which parents would either pick the students up or the students would continue their homebound journeys unaccompanied, depending on age and consent of parents. The specified point is suggested as St Andrew’s Church (Mount Park Road, Ealing W5 2RS) owing to the relative ease of parking and the church offering a degree of shelter in bad weather.


Our start date is proposed as the week beginning 18th April 2016.  We can at present offer a Monday morning walking bus and two afternoon walking buses out of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We would really like to hear from you if you feel that your daughter can participate in one or more of these walking buses and invite you to email me with any questions or indeed suggestions that you might have.

Please email me at if you wish to participate or if you simply want to learn more. In order to be able to launch the walking bus by 18th April, we would need to hear from you by 11th April in order to create registers and assign staff to students.

I look forward to your responses.’

If you would like your daughter to take part in the Walking Bus, do please email Mr Chappory to find out more.


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