Lower II visit Parliament

Posted: 18th March 2016

Exploring democracy

For the second time in a week St Augustine’s Priory pupils visited the Houses of Parliament.  On Tuesday 15th March it was Lower II’s turn and they spent a day watching democracy in action.  The day included the opportunity to see a debate in the House of Commons, tour the main sites in Parliament and take part in a workshop. Here they report on what was an exciting and action-packed day which included meeting local MP, Dr Rupa Huq.


Jazmin Watts, Lower IIA, comments, ‘We saw the House of Lords where there were red chairs (which we were not allowed to sit on) and the House of Commons where we saw a real debate! I enjoyed seeing the Queen’s robing room and listening to the debate.’

Sophie Fung, also Lower IIA, adds to this, ‘My favourite part of the trip was watching the debate in the House of Commons because of how serious they were.’

While Isabelle Size, Lower IIA, concurs, also adding, ‘My favourite parts were watching the debate with the Foreign Secretary, meeting our local MP and seeing the Queen’s robing room.’


Melanie West, Lower IIA, says ‘My favourite part was the workshop because we learned about the monarchs and met Rupa Huq MP!’  While Claudia Lozinski, also Lower IIA, reported ‘I enjoyed seeing the golden throne where the Queen sits in the House of Lords.’

Kara Irvine, Lower IIA, enjoyed ‘meeting Rupa Huq MP and asking her questions.’  Naomi Nnatu, also Lower IIA, valued the opportunity to see democracy in action, ‘My favourite part of the trip was watching the debate with Rt Hon Phillip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, and also the tour of Parliament.’


Miho Yamashita, in Lower II Alpha, also appreciated the opportunity to explore the workings of Parliament ‘I loved meeting Rupa Huq because she was a very joyful person and she told us a lot of stories about being an MP. It was very fascinating and interesting. I would like to meet her again.’

While Simona Savic, Lower II Alpha, focussed on the architectural aspects of The Mother of Parliaments, ‘The model of the old Houses of Parliament was great!’


Stella Gronager, Lower II Alpha, enjoyed all aspects of the visit, ‘I really loved going on our school trip because we saw a real live debate! We also visited the Queen’s robing room and looked at her secret bathroom disguised in the wall!’

Megan Ransome, Lower II Alpha, concludes with her comment on the debate the girls saw, ‘I loved seeing them talk about Syria and Russia, it was really exciting!’

This was a wonderful opportunity for Lower II to enjoy a working day in the Houses of Parliament, seeing how the House of Commons conducts its business, appreciating the long history of democracy in this country and meeting one of our representatives.  A day to remember!

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