Film Quiz Night, Friday 15th April 2016

Posted: 26th February 2016

A première evening!  

The St Augustine’s Priory Parents’ Committee Quiz Nights are often likened to Mastermind or University Challenge.  The parent body and staff members sit, pencils in hand, pondering the solutions to such queries as ‘what is the capital of Moldova?’ or ‘how many UK number one hits did The Beatles achieve?’

This year the focus will be on films.  So, whether you are an expert on the oeuvre of Francis Ford Coppola or enjoy the thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock, whether your knowledge covers the silent era of the 1920s or the films of this century, the 2016 Film Quiz night is for you.


Tickets for the Film Quiz on Friday 15th April at 7.30pm are £20 each and include a fish and chip supper (a vegetarian option is available).   All parents have been emailed information and the booking form, so all that needs to be done is complete and return the form to the Parents’ Committee via Reception.  Payment is either by giving consent for the cost to be added to your school account or by sending in a cheque.

If you would like to put together a team, tables will hold a team of 8 – 10 people, but don’t worry if you don’t want to book a whole table, please order as many or as few tickets as you want and we will place you on a table, doing our best to place you with parents from your daughter’s year group.

So whether you are fans of Casablanca or Clueless, enjoy the films of George Raft or George Clooney, or sing along to The Wizard of Oz or West Side Story, the St Augustine’s Priory Parents’ Committee Film Quiz evening is for you!


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