Careers Day

Posted: 26th February 2016

Upper IV investigates the future

Cliodhna Rochester, Upper IVA, reports on the recent Careers Day, a day which introduces Upper IV to the amazing options available to them:

‘On Tuesday 9th February, Upper IV took part in a day dedicated to exploring careers. The activities, organized by Mrs Murphy, took place in the school hall and Fox Hollow. In preparation for this, Upper IV was split into six groups and each group made a presentation about the career option we were allocated. The six careers we chose from were: Architect, Vet, Barrister, Journalist, Engineer and Human Resources Manager.


We completed various activities throughout the day, such as ‘why we should choose a subject’ and ‘Online Quizzes’. The online quizzes helped us to see what options will be available to us as we get older. Many of us were surprised and intrigued by the options that may be suitable for us.

Another good activity was learning how to write a CV. Mr Murphy taught us what we needed to say and do when applying for a place at university or a career. We felt that this was very helpful, and one girl stated that she “really enjoyed the CV crash course, because (she felt) it was a really useful skill on which we can build.”


We also took part in the ‘skills match’ activity, which involved filling out a sheet in groups of three, and deciding which skills and subjects we would need in order to do certain careers. This was praised by many of the girls because it gave “a deeper insight to adult life, and the qualifications you need in order to pursue what you would like to do.”


Additionally, we each had individual interviews with a teacher who was either a Head of Department or Senior Form Tutor. This was really enjoyable because we were treated like adults by the teachers and were able to discuss with them what we might like to do in the future and they then provided us with advice and suggestions.

Overall, the whole year group really enjoyed the event and we were very grateful for this opportunity.  The day really helped us to grow and now we have a better insight in to the skills we might need as we mature. I believe that this should be repeated for other year groups so that they may also benefit from this experience.

We would all like to say thank you to Mr Murphy for helping, and to Mrs Murphy for putting the whole day together.’


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