‘Wira of Warsaw’ to visit St Augustine’s Priory

Posted: 12th February 2016

An extraordinary visitor

For most of us World War II is something we heard about from our parents or grandparents but for some people alive today it is a major part of their life history, something they lived through and in which they participated.

On Thursday 25th February we will be visited by one of these people, an extraordinary woman who was a teenager in occupied, war torn Poland.

At the young age of 14 Danuta decided to become a freedom fighter in the Polish resistance, a choice which she would have known was fraught with danger, terrible risk and the very real possibility of capture and death.  She was given the codename Wira and was an active participant in the resistance over the following years.


After the war Danuta came to England, settled in Ealing, married and raised a family.  Her son, George Szlachetko, decided to write his mother’s biography and interviewed her over the course of three years.  The resulting book, ‘Wira of Warsaw’, is a story of courage, endurance and determination.

We are delighted that Mrs Danuta Szlachetko will be coming in to St Augustine’s Priory on Thursday 25th February at 4.00pm to talk about her experiences as a young girl in World War II in the Polish resistance and how she participated in the Warsaw Uprising.

Mrs Szlachetko’s granddaughters, who are former pupils at St Augustine’s Priory will read extracts from ‘Wira of Warsaw’ at the talk which we know will be a valuable experience for our pupils.

Parents are very welcome to attend this event and if you would like to come, please notify Reception.

We are looking forward to meeting Mrs Danuta Szlachetko, ‘Wira of Warsaw’, and hearing her remarkable story.



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