Science at St Augustine’s Priory

Posted: 11th February 2016

St Christina’s enjoys experimenting

On Tuesday we were visited by Year 5 of St Christina’s Roman Catholic Primary School to enjoy a morning of science.  This visit, a continuation of links with local Catholic primary schools was a great success, with our science teachers and Sixth Formers guiding our guests as they carried out experiments examining reversible and irreversible reactions.  Various materials underwent experimentation and the properties of ice, water, salt, sugar, ink and sand among other materials were analysed and explored.



There were some spectacular chemical displays as iron filings were sprinkled over Bunsen Burners, magnesium was heated in a crucible and ‘elephant toothpaste’ was created in a test tube.


Our Head of Science, Mr Barnes, thoroughly enjoyed the morning as did St Christina’s pupils and teachers with one pupil commenting, ‘Wow, Mr Barnes is a real scientist’.


St Christina’s staff also valued the experience with one teacher saying, ‘We couldn’t believe the facilities you have for Science in the Junior School’.  This, of course, is one of the wonderful benefits of St Augustine’s Priory being an all-through school.  Our Juniors and Seniors are able to share our great facilities, whether it be our wonderful grounds or the excellent laboratories and expertise of our Science staff.


We look forward to our next visitors, North Ealing Primary School, who will explore the world of modern languages with us after half term.



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