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Posted: 4th February 2016

The support of our parents…

At St Augustine’s Priory we are blessed with grounds that look southwards to the Surrey Hills and we strive to encourage activities and enterprises that make the most of our wonderful facilities whether for play or education.  Apart from being a superb playground, we also enjoy a Prayer Garden, superb sports facilities in our astroturf and netball courts, a Prep Meadow filled with wooden play equipment, including a splendid galleon, an outdoor stage, willow houses, a Forest School and a pond, used in our Biology curriculum.

In addition, we are also fortunate enough to possess an orchard with fruit trees and hens who are the proud possessors of a palatial house and run  – and we also have an allotment.


The site of our allotment prior to the work of  Mr Klein

When this school was also a convent the nuns used to grow a lot of their own vegetables in their gardens and we are trying to follow their example with home-grown vegetables of our own.

In all of our endeavours we are a community and an enormous amount of support comes from our parent body, whether fundraising, supporting events or with hands-on encouragement and help.  The development of our allotment is a prime example of this.

Mrs Sandhu, Junior School Teacher, reports on how one of our parents has supported us in this area:

‘I would like to thank Mr Klein, father of Mieke Klein in Prep II, who did an absolutely amazing job with the allotments over the Christmas holidays. He has prepared the grounds, making beds ready to be used in the Spring and has put forward some brilliant ideas of how the girls can be involved.


The allotment after Mr Klein’s work

The allotments are a fantastic resource to have on the the school site and will be used in a variety of different ways across the curriculum. The Junior Gardening Club will also be taking advantage of the area and one of the Stewardship Club’s tasks is to work on the allotments on a weekly basis once the weather warms up a little!’

Thank you to Mr Klein for all his work in this area, we look forward to Spring and the planting of our crops!

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