Upper I Designs for Charities Week

Posted: 3rd February 2016

Beautiful Biscuits…

Upper I contributed to the activities of Charities Week by being enthusiastic participants in the Prep and Junior Biscuit Decorating event on Tuesday.  This was an extremely fun event and here are some of the comments received from our star bakers!


Fern Mortimer explains, ‘On Tuesday 2nd February our class did biscuit decoration with the Juniors and Preps for Charities Week. Each class would come in and decorate a biscuit. They would use sprinkles, chocolate drops and haribos. It was great fun!’

Mona Jabir says, ‘I loved helping the Preps, and eating my biscuit!’ and Yusra Sikafi backs this up, ‘We were helping the whole of the Junior school and the Preps to decorate their biscuits.’


‘I really enjoyed decorating my biscuit, I decorated mine with stars, icing and sugar paper!’ said Lamis Alfarsi and Zahra Smith adds, ‘I created a biscuit with lots of sweets on top, I really enjoyed doing it!’

‘I enjoyed the biscuit decorating and the helping the Preps. It was fun when we refilled the bowls with toppings and helped people’, was the verdict of Hannah Shahid and ‘I loved helping in the nursery! I enjoyed making mine as well’ said Alessia Bajenaru.


Ireoluwa Sangosanya commented, ‘I decorated mine with smarties, marshmallows, sprinkles and lots more! I really enjoyed it!’

And the final comment goes to Sisi Byrt, ‘When I came into the refectory I thought WOW we are going to have a lot of fun!’


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