Joining the Sixth Form (Priory 6)

General Admissions Process & Dates for 2021 Entry

Lower VI Admission (16+)

Current St Augustine’s pupils do not need to formally apply to move up into the Sixth Form.  They will be interviewed and must achieve the required grades at GCSE which are published in the A-Level Brochure. External candidates follow the Admissions process. However, both internal and external scholarship candidates are required to sit examinations and interviews for the awards.

External applicants must complete the online registration form.  Candidates who wish to apply for a Sixth Form Scholarship must complete both the online registration form along with the online scholarship application form.  The online scholarship application form will be available from June 2020 along with the guide for Sixth Form Admissions and Scholarships.

Admissions process dates will be published in June 2020.


Registrar and Head of Communications
Mrs Georgina Savic (BA) Tel: 020 8997 2022