Our uniform is available via our online provider Schoolblazer at www.schoolblazer.com.

Uniform requirements and list

A summary of the uniform requirements are listed below; however, a more detailed view can be downloaded here for you to use as a checklist.

Information about ordering from Schoolblazer:

  • Schoolblazer provide St Augustine’s with a bespoke website which is constructed in subsections for each area of the School.  This ensures that you order the appropriate uniform items for your child.  For instance, if you are buying for a girl in the Junior School you will be directed to the appropriate items you need for her. Please visit www.schoolblazer.com
  • The website has an “intelligent sizing system” to guide you in size selection to help ensure that uniform items fit first time.  On registration you will be required to input your son or daughter’s sizes and the system will make a suggestion on size
  • All items are fully name-tagged before dispatching.  The permanent printed tags are sewn on at no extra cost, although the company does charge a nominal cost for the tags
  • All items are delivered using Parcelforce, and any returned items can be sent to Schoolblazer free of charge via the Post Office
  • Schoolblazer provide a normal delivery time of 3 working days for name-tagged items, with a firm promise of all deliveries within 5 working days.
  • Urgent items can be shipped in 24 hours using a FastTrack service, but these items will not be name-tagged – this will be the responsibility of the parent.The Schoolblazer website covers all of the above points in more detail.