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Priory Post 100 – Election Fever

26th August 2015

Election Fever Hustings for Head Girl and Deputies General Election?  What General Election? This week our attention is focused on the elections for the next St Augustine’s Priory Head Girl and the three Deputy Head Girls.  On Monday 2nd March the candidates for these posts gathered in the Scriptorium to convince each and every one…

Priory Post 102 – Ski-ing in Italy

26th August 2015

Ski-ing in Italy Upper II and Form III hit the slopes During the February half term girls in Upper II and Form III spent a wonderful five days ski-ing in Tarvisio, Italy.  Mr Judson, Mrs Costello and Ms Gambrill accompanied this trip and comments and pictures from Italy engulfed the Ski trip’s Twitter account. All…

Priory Post 69 – Unsung Heroes of WWI….

25th August 2015

Unsung Heroes of WWI…. From a home to a hospital In another of our articles on Unsung Heroes of World War I, we would like to thank Serena and Jemima Gray (Lower VA and Lower VI) for sending us this article on their extraordinary great great grandparents and their great great grandmother’s determination and resolve…

Priory Post 70 – Hockey Rules!

25th August 2015

Hockey Rules! Internationals visit St Augustine’s Priory Our hockey players had a wonderful time on Wednesday 21st January as St Augustine’s Priory played host to two England and Team GB hockey internationals, Georgie Twigg and Sam Ward. Our P.E. staff and coaches had organised the visit – a fantastic encouragement and a terrific help to…

Priory Post 77 – L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker)

25th August 2015

L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker) Foreign Language Film Club Review If you are interested in film, then the Foreign Language Film Club may be for you.  Organised by Mr Alejandro, it is open to students from Upper IV upwards. Here, Leah Mpinga, in Lower VA reviews the most recent film viewed by the club, ‘L’arnacoeur’ (Heartbreaker), released in…

Priory Post 67 – Education for all children

24th August 2015

Education for all children Lower VI Assembly   On Friday 9th January Lower VI began the new term by leading the Senior Assembly in the morning and the Junior Assembly at lunchtime with an excellent presentation on Malala Yousafzai, an inspiring voice for children’s education everywhere and the youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace…

Priory Post 1 – Progression 2014

19th August 2015

On Saturday 6th September our Upper VI leavers attended the traditional Progression dinner at St Augustine’s Priory.

Priory Post 3 – Poetry Success at the Chiswick Book Festival

19th August 2015

Mich.14 Poetry Success at the Chiswick Book Festival The Chiswick Book Festival’s Poetry Competition was the scene of yet more Augustinian poetry triumphs as Zoe Mills, Lower IVA, came second in the Year 7 category with her poem, ‘Smaug’, and Abigail Marques De Assis, also of Lower IVA, was commended for her poem. Congratulations to…

Priory Post 4 – Mandarin Club

19th August 2015

Mich.14 Mandarin Club Franceska Barnard, Lower V Alpha, writes about the first session of the St Augustine’s Priory Mandarin Club… ‘On Thursday 11th September, girls from across the senior school were able to attend the first session of Mandarin Club. Mandarin is spoken by over 1 billion people around the world and the girls who…