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Priory Post 118 – We prepare for Easter

27th August 2015

We prepare for Easter The End of Lent Term 2015   At St Augustine’s Priory the final days of the Lent Term 2015 were filled with anticipation and celebration as we continued our journey through Lent and looked forward to the events of Holy Week. The Preps started us off with their early celebration of…

Priory Post 125 – Be Spirited Time

27th August 2015

Be Spirited Time Nursery to Lower IV On Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April our Chapter Room and Chapel welcomed pupils from the Nursery to Lower IV and gave them the opportunity to ‘Be Spirited’. Prayer stations were laid out in both areas so that our pupils were able to savour different approaches to prayer…

Priory Post 127 – Exploring the River Chess

27th August 2015

Exploring the River Chess Upper II Geography Fieldtrip On Friday 24th April Upper II went on a Geography fieldtrip to Amersham Field Centre.  Here Mia Tobin, Upper IIA, reports on their visit. ‘Last Friday Upper II travelled from school to the River Chess centre, where we met two FSC (Field Studies Council) teachers named Danni…

Priory Post 139 – As You Like It

27th August 2015

As You Like It Form III Performs in the Open Air Rosalind:  Well, this is the forest of Arden. Touchstone:  Ay, now am I in Arden. In their English lessons Form IIIA and Form III Alpha have been studying Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like’ and on Wednesday 13th May, under the direction of Mrs Raffray and…

Priory Post 140 – Working to beat cancer

27th August 2015

Working to beat cancer Our Summer of Fundraising St Augustine’s Priory pupils have a global vision and are always ready to contribute to wider society.  Cancer touches many lives and so this Summer Term the pupils of St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing, are throwing themselves into fundraising for 3 organisations which focus on research into cancer…

Priory Post 101 – Lower I visit Celtic Harmony

26th August 2015

Lower I visit Celtic Harmony A day’s travel back in time Friday 27th February saw Lower I travel back in time to Ancient Britain by visiting the Celtic Harmony Camp near Hertford.  Celtic Harmony’s website states that they provide ‘hands-on cultural heritage education of ancient Britain to increase understanding of the natural world and create…

Priory Post 102 – Ski-ing in Italy

26th August 2015

Ski-ing in Italy Upper II and Form III hit the slopes During the February half term girls in Upper II and Form III spent a wonderful five days ski-ing in Tarvisio, Italy.  Mr Judson, Mrs Costello and Ms Gambrill accompanied this trip and comments and pictures from Italy engulfed the Ski trip’s Twitter account. All…

Priory Post 106 – Modern Languages

26th August 2015

Modern Languages Limitless Linguistics (Part I) The Modern Languages Department is preparing for one of the highlights of the year.  On Tuesday 17th March Lower II will be hosting Year 5 of St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Ealing for a day exploring the magic of modern languages.  There will be language activities throughout the day,…

Priory Post 107 – Not uniform at all!

26th August 2015

Not uniform at all! Limitless Linguistics (Part 2) As we eagerly await the Lower II Modern Languages Day with Year 5 of St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School on Tuesday 17th March we see what Lower II can look forward to next year in modern language lessons at St Augustine’s Priory! Upper II has been following…

Priory Post 68 – Sushi Supreme

25th August 2015

Sushi Supreme! Sushi Demonstration at St Augustine’s Priory Today, sushi making was demonstrated at St Augustine’s Priory.  Our school caterers, Holroyd Howe, sent their Executive Chef, Damian, to school to tell us all about sushi and show us how it is made.  Damian summed sushi up when he said that this healthy meal of fresh…

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