Able, Gifted & Talented

At St Augustine’s Priory we value each student for who they are, and as part of this we recognise that some of our students are particularly able or talented in certain areas of the curriculum.  We therefore offer opportunities for stretch and challenge to able, gifted and talented students throughout the school, both in the classroom and outside it.

In lessons differentiation is embedded into schemes of work and opportunities for extension are many.  However, it is beyond the classroom where some of the most valuable work with students takes place. Departments across the school provide differentiation in lessons for students and schemes such as the Science Department’s STEM Scheme, Drama Gifted Pathway, PE AGT Programme and Poetry Workshops run by the English Department underpin the school’s commitment to this cohort.  Other examples of ways in which students are stretched include  participation in the Maths Challenge, involvement in Young Enterprise and in the  ‘Stretch & Challenge’ scheme we run. This scheme, aimed at Lower V and  Upper V students is a means of preparing girls for the independent study required at Sixth Form Level. Support for Oxbridge candidates is given by way of  individual mentoring sessions with specialist teachers.

Academic Scholars  meet regularly with the Head of Able, Gifted & Talented as part of a scheme designed to offer support and encouragement. They will  discuss progress and  explore matters beyond the curriculum.

The school is a member of NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and Optimus Education and so we access articles on current thinking, best practice and excellent resources.

Five of our Lower IV students attended the Chiswick Book Festival in September 2018 to receive their prizes for their winning entries into the Young People’s Poetry Competition. Now in its 8th year, the competition attracts entries from many schools across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The Competition was open to students aged between 8-12 years old, to encourage young people to enjoy creating their own poems.  The prizes were presented by Roger McGough, an English poet, children’s author and playwright who also presents the BBC Radio 4 programme Poetry Please.

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