Welcome to St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing’s top performing Catholic, girls’ school: a visionary school with a unique community. Our girls and staff have the courage and appetite to tackle everything which life throws at us. We have been educating girls in the Catholic tradition since 1634 and we actively welcome girls of all faiths. This means that girls leave us rooted in values which make them effective in their personal and professional lives.

Our girls are resourceful, intellectually engaged and outward looking. We pride ourselves on sending each girl out into the world armed with a life-long love of learning as well as with the self-knowledge and independent thinking required for her to take her place in the world.  We know each girl and want her to be true to herself. This proactive approach to care for each girl and the whole girl has defined our approach to lockdown.

Parents and girls often speak of our secure and happy environment in which creativity, innovation and a rich inner life are celebrated. During this time of Covid-19 we have led the way: first of all in hitting the ground running with remote, live teaching and now with inspirational blended learning. At a time when many schools are still limbering up to what that means we are refining and finessing our expertise. We expect to be fully open in September, but even if we experience another lockdown, our girls will remain ahead of the game nationally. Our rich curriculum has not been and will not be affected by lockdown.

Get in touch and get to know our vibrant community. Talk to us about your child’s learning to date. Find out how we can help ensure that she lives life to the full, both academically and pastorally in these challenging times. We have proved that it is possible to be ahead of the curve educationally and to provide incredible experiences on and offline.

Mrs S Raffray MA NPQH

St Augustine's Priory 220