Year 7’s Adventure at High Ashurst

Posted: 9th January 2023

Flying High!

Tara in Year 7 reports on the high excitement visit of Year 7 in September to the High Ashurst outdoor learning and development centre:  ‘The visit to High Ashurst was a fantastic opportunity to make daring manoeuvres in thrilling activities with the assistance of our instructors who gave us the courage to give them a go. We had such delightful food that revived us, and got us back in business. We did challenging courses, Woodland Skills, and even High Ropes, and we also had the time to think about teamwork, which is all about communicating, listening, and helping each other.

We also lit fires and the fog of the fire made everything look creepy! High Ashurst is something we would do again because it has crazy, fun activities, but also made us step out of our comfort zone, to encourage us to try things that we thought we could never do. The fact that we shared cabins and we could watch a movie together enabled us to undertake new relationships. This trip helped us push ourselves to the limits and succeed in jumping from a high place, which was a challenging part of the trip. Even though it was just one night, Year 7 really enjoyed it’.


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