Upper IV interview

Posted: 3rd March 2017

A journalist speaks to one of our students

Our Careers evening yesterday was an opportunity for all girls in the Senior school to explore the opportunities waiting for them after university by meeting professionals in many fields from financial services to the media and from law to medicine.

Emily Delargy, Upper IVA, recently interviewed one such professional – Kate Chacksfield, former radio and television journalist, who has worked at the BBC on Newsround, among other programmes, and who also interviewed former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In the interview Kate talks about her background and what motivated her to become a journalist: she studied Business Studies and Computer Science at university, but she knew she had a passion for talking to people and for current affairs.  She figured out that the way to combine chatting to people and follow current affairs was to apply to the BBC to work her way from being a trainee reporter to being a journalist.

In Emily’s interview Kate talks about her experience as a radio reporter, going out into the public to ask and record questions and then editing and presenting her work, as well as touching on her most embarrassing moment as a journalist!  Her love of space and science even gave Kate the opportunity to interview Helen Sharman, the first British woman in space.

Congratulations Emily, on showing such initiative. To see Emily’s interview with Kate Chacksfield, please go to:


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