Priory Post 153 – Race for Life

Posted: 28th August 2015

Race for Life

St Augustine’s Priory runs for Cancer Research

On Sunday 7th June 160 girls, parents and staff  from St Augustine’s Priory took part in the 5k Cancer Research’s ‘Race for Life’ in Richmond.  The day was a huge success.   The aim was to raise £3,000 for Cancer Research.  By Monday 8th June we were up to a wonderful £5,000 and still counting!


Mrs Sarah Raffray, Headteacher of St Augustine’s Priory, commented, ‘It is powerful that nearly a quarter of the school ran for such a great cause and the contribution of mothers, aunts and grandmothers sums up what a tremendous community we are’.


A variety of runners, joggers and walkers made it around the course with everybody wearing a range of pink clothes including pink wigs, tutus and leg warmers. There were battles between mothers and daughters trying to beat one another, and Mrs Higham is still annoyed that both her daughters, Lizzie and Charlotte, beat her.  Mrs Wilson kept running really quickly to try to catch Chloe and Rhiannon to no avail and Chloe, who is in Prep III, ran round in a very fast 24 minutes! Lucy Kerr, in Prep III, and Claudia Bileckyj, Prep II, were our youngest runners who did a fantastic job doing a mixture of running and walking – very impressive!


Olivia Agrotis, Lower IV, was the first St Augustine’s runner home in about 20 minutes which was very creditable.  The Head of P.E., Miss Heather Lymburn, ran with four Upper I girls (Kara, Isabelle, Ava and Vinaya) who ran all the way which, for their age was a brilliant achievement. Teacher, Miss Amy Gambrill, ran with some Upper II girls (including Grace McPartlin). Teacher Dr Gayle Gill speed walked around in about 40 minutes, and other staff ran together including  Mrs Tippen, Mrs Donovan and parent Mrs McPartlin. Miss Louise Hales (P.E. Department) lead the walking group with numerous parents, picking up any stragglers on the way. It really was a special day.



Upper I with their medals

The St Augustine’s Priory contingent finished the day with a picnic and the girls were still full of energy and ran around playing tag. Upper I girls even had the energy to do a cartwheel competition!   Girls are even now clamouring to take part next year!



The after run picnic

Parents had this to say:

  • ‘It really was a brilliant and meaningful day for so many of us, thank you’. (Mrs Phillips)
  • ‘I had a fantastic time’. (Mrs Ajayi)
  • ‘I just can’t believe both my daughters beat me…!’ (Mrs Higham)
  • ‘A fantastic community effort for a cause we are all affected by – proud of us all.’ (Mrs Vincic)
  • ‘We had a brilliant time & I’m so proud of Isabelle & Aisling for completing the race.’ (Mrs Size)
  • ‘It was great to be part of it all and with so many people who, despite the devastating effects of Cancer either for themselves or loved ones, came together in such a positive way it was really brilliant, albeit emotional’.   (Mrs Beniatian)



Some of our parent runners

And the final word must go to Mr Jeffries, who commented:  ‘I have to say how impressed I was at the turn out of the St Augustine’s team which is a real credit to you and your team. Well done!’

Thank you everyone who took part in this year’s Race for Life and especial thanks to the P.E. Department for their great coordination and organisation.  What an incredible, united effort for such a superb cause.


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