Priory Post 126 – Poetry keeps on ruling!

Posted: 27th August 2015

Poetry keeps on ruling!

Lower VI Poet is published

One of our Lower VI poets and Creative Writing students, Alexia Kirov, has had one of her poem’s published in the Thursday 23rd April edition of The Morning Star.  Her poem, ‘Stuffed Monkeys’ was produced in the Well Versed section, a site well regarded for the poetry it features.  To be published there is a great achievement; many congratulations Alexia.

Stuffed Monkeys
Alexia Kirov

Chauffeur driven, out he shrugs,
purple tie flapping in the wind
like the tongues of Westminster:
Big D.C., Miliband and Clegg.
Out for a fag at
Rochester Service Station.
Time to fill up the tank?
He passes parked-up coaches
heading to Birkenhead or Swindon,
burger joints and toilet queues; claw machines
filled with stuffed monkeys –
prize every time for two British pounds.

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